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Purposes for which the company has been established.

Since 2021, our team has excelled in comprehending the digital service needs and developing dependable products to fulfill them.

To engage in the business of Information Technology, serving as a solution provider to meet the evolving needs of Technology, Computers, Networking, and the Internet. This includes packaging, manufacturing antivirus packages, software development and packaging, website design, and deployment.

Additionally, to conduct business in computer sales, internet services provision, printing, publishing, and the sale of communication gadgets, stationeries, supplies, general contracts, imports, and exports. The scope also involves general IT services encompassing software and hardware, repairs, computer installation, networking, digital imaging, communications, maintenance, and information technology.

Furthermore, to venture into communication, internet services, graphics development, publishing, ICT documentation services, CCTV, security networks, communication gadgets, documentation, and information management services. This includes stationeries, supplies, general contracting, imports, and exports, as well as IT security and software and hardware services.

In parallel, to operate as farmers engaging in various types of farming, including arable farming, animal husbandry, mixed farming, contract farming, factory farming, organic farming, dry farming, intensive farming, truck farming, hydroponics, and others. This also involves activities such as snail farming, sea food cultivation, soil cultivation, and the growth of various crops, including food crops, cash crops, catch crops, and fodder crops.

Additionally, to acquire, establish, operate, and manage various stock farms, such as ranches, cattle farms, stud farms, sheep farms, piggeries, aviaries, apiaries, fish farms, and poultry farms, raising livestock of all kinds.

Lastly, to conduct the business of general merchandise, engaging in import and export, trading, marketing, sales, and distribution of general goods. This includes serving as a commission agent, manufacturer’s representatives, and suppliers, dealing in various articles, substances, products, and commodities. The company will also be involved in the preparation, packaging, and preservation for sale of manufactured goods of all descriptions.


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